Uncontested Divorce

Houston Divorce Lawyer, Melissa E. Palmer offers low flat fee divorces, in those instances where the matter is completely agreed between the parties.  For a divorce to be uncontested, the parties must agree to divorce and agree on all aspects and issues of the divorce, including  property division and child custody.

1. Typically, the party who files the petition for divorce will have the other party execute a waiver of citation. This allows the matter to proceed without service of the divorce petition on the non-filing spouse by the constable or other process server.  The non-filing spouse usually does not file an answer to the original petition in an uncontested divorce.

2. After 60 days from the date of filing, the parties may go to court and prove up their divorce. This is a relatively simple process with little court intervention.

Therefore, it is usually the least expensive and quickest manner to obtain a divorce.  The Law Offices of Melissa E. Palmer, P.C. offers flat fee divorces in these instances.  Uncontested divorces are typically the least expensive and quickest way to divorce.  However, the parties must agree on all aspects of the divorce.  In order to be uncontested and qualify for the flat fee divorce all of the following criteria must be met:

  1. Both spouses agree to be divorced;
  2. Both spouses reach an agreement on ALL issues;
  3. Your spouse is not represented by an attorney; and
  4. Both spouses must voluntarily sign all papers without requiring service on any party.

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If you meet the qualifications above and would like us to begin our representation of you, please mail, fax, or e-mail the completed client questionnaire and divorce fee contract to our office along with your cashier’s check, certified check, money order, personal check, or credit card authorization in the amount of your total fees.